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16 Feb 2018
The HCC has announced an investigation into the private drug and alcohol sector while a banned drug addiction counsellor has been charged with allegedly practising in Victoria.
01 Feb 2018
The HCC has received 7,425 complaints in its first year, since opening on 1 February 2017.
01 Dec 2017
The HCC has received 26 complaints relating to private drug and alcohol rehabilitation services since 1 February 2017.
01 Dec 2017
Since 1 February 2017, we've received 40 complaints about cosmetic procedures performed by general health service providers.
19 Oct 2017
The HCC received 3,476 complaints in its first five months of operation, from opening on 1 February until 30 June 2017.
21 Jul 2017
Check out the Commissioner's recent webcast and Q&A with health service providers covering what's new in health complaints.
24 May 2017
We've launched brochures in 26 languages to promote feedback from diverse communities to improve our health system.
12 May 2017
The Health Complaints Commissioner has delivered training and information sessions across the state.
Health records
23 Feb 2017
Registrations are now open for a free seminar on health privacy for staff who handle health information in Victoria.
01 Feb 2017
The new office of the Health Complaints Commissioner has launched a range of plain English and accessible complaint materials online.