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08 Apr 2019
Melbourne cosmetic treatment providers Si Chen and Ziyang Chen , and their business Snow Skincare Center (sic), have been issued with separate interim prohibition orders banning the provision and advertising of any cosmetic surgical or medical procedures while the Health Complaints Commissioner (HCC) conducts an investigation.
08 Apr 2019
Two South Australian healers who allegedly provide treatments to Melbourne clients that involve the topical application of an Amazonian frog’s secretions, have been issued with interim prohibition orders temporarily banning the provision of their services. Ms Cusack said the interim prohibition orders banned South Australians Carlie J. Angel and Brad T. Williams, trading as Two Wolves – One Body, from advertising, offering or providing any general health service in Victoria, paid or otherwise, that involved, or was in any way related to, kambo.
25 Mar 2019
The Health Complaints Commissioner (HCC) is calling for public submissions as part of an inquiry into unsafe and unethical practices by In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART) service providers.