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Complaint Handling Standards

We are developing a set of standards for Victorian health service providers in handling complaints.

These standards aim to ensure complaints are being used to improve quality and safety in our healthcare system. There is enormous variation in the size and type of health services to these standards will apply to – from hospitals and clinics to doctors and dentists, allied health and alternative therapists.

The standards will expand on the interim standards currently in the Act and cover the key aspects of complaint handling.

HCC Service Charter

We are developing an HCC Service Charter to guide our work and clarify our service delivery commitments.

It will also explain our commitments to ensuring transparency and accountability while reflecting the guiding principles of the Act.

Phase 1 of both consultations is completed and we have moved into phase 2 where we are focussing on data analysis. Draft documents for the complaint handling standards and service charter will be available for public comment in due course.