About complaints

Who do I speak to?

If you’re not satisfied with your health service provider, it’s OK to raise your concerns with them directly. We ask you to do this before lodging a complaint with us. Speaking directly with your health service provider is often the quickest and easiest way to resolve complaints.

Complaints about care, treatment or billing by a hospital are usually managed by a complaint liaison officer or patient representative – ask the hospital for more information.

Complaints about health records are usually managed by an organisation's health records manager or Freedom of Information (FOI) officer.

Smaller health service providers may not employ a dedicated complaint liaison officer or health records manager, but should still have someone in charge of handling complaints.

If you are unable to take your complaint to the health service provider directly, then ask us for help.

Tips for making a complaint yourself

  • If the issue is easy to explain, or caused only a minor inconvenience, try talking directly with the provider. If the issue is complex or serious, you should make your complaint in writing.
  • Be clear about what went wrong, who was involved and when it happened.
  • Be clear about what solution would satisfy you.
  • Ask for a response to be supplied in writing.
  • The provider should quickly acknowledge they have received your complaint.
  • Once your complaint has been acknowledged, allow the health provider with time to address your complaint. The health provider may take up to three months to respond.

If you are not satisfied with the provider's response, speak to us or lodge a complaint with us.