Health Complaints Commissioner issues Public Health Service Warning Statement against Ms Keti (Kate) Cvetkov

The Victorian Health Complaints Commissioner, Adjunct Professor Bernice Redley has issued a Public Health Service Warning Statement against Ms Keti (Kate) Cvetkov, following an investigation into a complaint received from the public.  Professor Redley had last month issued a Prohibition Order banning Ms Cvetkov from providing any general health services.

The Public Health Service Warning states that on 5 November 2021, the Health Complaints Commissioner commenced an investigation into Ms Keti (Kate) Cvetkov. This decision to investigate was made following a complaint alleging that Ms Cvetkov advised a member of the public that she was a doctor (endocrinologist) when she is not a qualified or registered health practitioner. The available information also indicates that Ms Cvetkov provided a medical treatment plan to the client which resulted in an adverse outcome.

The investigation into Ms Cvetkov is now complete and the Commissioner has found that Ms Cvetkov “contravened the Code of Conduct as set out in Schedule 2 of the Health Complaints Act 2016, and that it is necessary to publish this warning statement to avoid an imminent and serious risk to the life, health safety or welfare of the public.”

Professor Redley emphasised that “the safety of Victorians continues to be our number one priority. I have therefore issued this warning statement and permanent ban on Keti (Kate) Cvetkov offering any general health services.”

Most general health service providers comply with their obligations under the Code of Conduct and do the right thing. However, the actions of those providers who do not, such as Ms Cvetkov can result in serious harm to the public.  “That is why it is important for any person considering engaging with providers such as Ms Cvetkov to give great consideration as to what can go wrong and what they have a right to expect from their health service provider, so that they can make fully informed decisions.” Any person considering any treatment should ask providers about:

  • their qualifications and experience
  • the risks involved
  • what insurance they have if something does go wrong

Putting the Public Health Service Warning Statement in place, Professor Redley  said “this should serve as a timely reminder to all General Health Service providers who do not observe the Code of Conduct that my office will investigate those providers who pose a serious risk to the public and take action against them.

Members of the public who have any concerns about this matter, or any other health services, are urged to contact the Health Complaints Commissioner by calling 1300 582 113 or by completing an online complaint at

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