Recent news

17 May 2018
The HCC will conduct an inquiry into the practice of conversion therapy in Victoria.
19 Apr 2018
Banned drug addiction counsellor, Robert Frank Mittiga, has been convicted for providing services illegally in Victoria.
11 Apr 2018
The HCC has received several concerning complaints of inappropriate contact or sexual misconduct involving general health service providers.
27 Mar 2018
Consultation is now open on complaint handling standards for Victorian health service providers and a service charter for the HCC.
26 Mar 2018
Since 1 February 2017, we've received more than 50 complaints about cosmetic procedures performed by general health service providers.
08 Mar 2018
Laws coming into effect this month have created a new information sharing scheme in Victoria.
01 Feb 2018
The HCC has received 7,425 complaints in its first year, since opening on 1 February 2017.
01 Dec 2017
The HCC has received 26 complaints relating to private drug and alcohol rehabilitation services since 1 February 2017.
19 Oct 2017
The HCC received 3,476 complaints in its first five months of operation, from opening on 1 February until 30 June 2017.
21 Jul 2017
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