Alternative therapist banned from providing general health services

08 August 2018

A North Warrandyte hypnotherapist and self-proclaimed healer has been banned from providing any health service, making claims to cure cancer or using the controversial black salve treatment.

Health Complaints Commissioner Karen Cusack made a prohibition order against Dennis Wayne Jensen following an investigation into Mr Jensen’s use of painful and ineffective black salve treatment on a cancer patient over a prolonged period until the patient’s death.

Black salve is a widely-discredited treatment using a topical paste, which essentially burns and destroys large parts of the skin and underlying tissue and leaves behind significant scarring or worse.

“Having considered the evidence, I’m satisfied Mr Jensen contravened the general code of conduct, which applies to all health service providers outside the national registration scheme, when he treated a patient suffering from ovarian cancer with black salve and encouraged the patient to stop evidence-based treatment,” Ms Cusack said.

“I have serious concerns about the extent to which Mr Jensen is capable of delivering any general health services safely and ethically.

“Dangerous and unethical practitioners who prey on the desperation and vulnerability of cancer-sufferers, or others suffering terminal illness, won’t be tolerated.”

The prohibition order replaces an interim 12-week prohibition order, made against Mr Jensen in May 2018.

The prohibition order will take effect on the service of the order to Mr Jensen, and will remain in effect until varied or revoked by order of the Commissioner.

 “It’s important that all Victorians are aware of this serious risk to the health, safety and welfare of the public,” Ms Cusack said.

“If you have any concerns about this, or other health services, please contact our office on 1300 582 113 or at [email protected]