Charles Dispenzeri banned from providing any general health service involving physical contact to any female clients

23 November 2018

Massage therapist Charles Michael Dispenzeri has been issued with a prohibition order permanently banning him from publicly advertising his business in any form, and from providing any general health service that involves physical contact, including massage services, to any female clients.

Health Complaints Commissioner Karen Cusack issued the prohibition order against Mr Dispenzeri following an investigation into a complaint that alleged the massage therapist had breached the code of conduct for general health service providers.

Ms Cusack said the investigation found Mr Dispenzeri, trading as Massage Australia One and Massage One Supplies, had failed to provide health services in a safe and ethical way.

She said the prohibition order required Mr Dispenzeri to display a copy of the order at his business premises and ensure that it was visible.

Ms Cusack said the prohibition order replaced an interim prohibition order, made against Mr Dispenzeri in October.

The prohibition order will take effect on the service of the order to Mr Dispenzeri, and will remain in effect until varied or revoked by order of the Commissioner. 

 “The code of conduct for general health services sets the standards that all providers, including massage therapists, must adhere to,” Ms Cusack said.

“Victorians have a right to access safe, quality healthcare that meets the code of conduct, and unsafe and unethical practices will not be tolerated.

“I don’t issue prohibition orders lightly and only do so when I’m satisfied that it’s necessary to avoid a serious risk to the health, safety or welfare of the public.”

Ms Cusack encouraged people to contact the HCC with complaints or concerns about any health service received in Victoria.

She said all complaints were handled with sensitivity and confidentiality.

“It’s incredibly important that members of the public bring their concerns to us so that we’re aware of issues and can take appropriate action to protect the public.”

Anyone with a complaint about a health service in Victoria can contact the HCC on 1300 582 113