HCC Service Charter

17 July 2019

The Health Complaints Commissioner (HCC) has published a Service Charter detailing its commitment to the public and to health service providers in the delivery of its services.   

Commissioner Karen Cusack said the Service Charter, required under Section 124 of the Health Complaints Act 2016, provided clarity about the HCC’s services, how stakeholders could expect to be treated and the responsibilities of service users. 

Ms Cusack said the HCC consulted widely with a broad range of stakeholders, including complainants and health service providers who used its services, seeking feedback on their experiences to inform the development of the Service Charter. 

She said open forums were held and the participation of complainants, health service providers and other interested stakeholders occurred at the forums and through written submissions. 

“I’m passionate about the role we play supporting quality and safety in healthcare,” Ms Cusack said. 

“Just like the health system we support, we should always be looking at ways to do things better. 

“We had our own ideas on what was best practice for our work and for the systems in place to achieve that. However, it was important to engage with people who had used our services in the past, and those who may do so in the future, to hear their thoughts about what matters most in the way we deliver our services.

“The Service Charter reflects the guiding principles of the Health Complaints Act 2016 and our values of impartiality, integrity, collaboration and courage.

“I’d like to thank everyone who collaborated with us to develop this document. The input we received was invaluable in shaping these standards, which all stakeholders can expect from the HCC.” 

A copy of the Service Charter is available here