Cosmetic treatment provider Cynthia Weinstein banned from performing medical and surgical procedures and administering cosmetic injections

12 February 2019

Cosmetic treatment provider Cynthia Lea Weinstein has been issued with a prohibition order permanently banning her from performing medical and surgical procedures and administering cosmetic injections.

Health Complaints Commissioner Karen Cusack said the prohibition order banned Ms Weinstein, of Toorak, from providing clinical treatment and advice, and from assisting, directing or instructing any person in providing clinical treatment.

Ms Cusack also issued a prohibition order against CDC Clinics, of which Ms Weinstein is a director, banning the business from directing, instructing or allowing Ms Weinstein to perform medical and surgical procedures, administer cosmetic injections and provide clinical treatment or advice to any person.

The prohibition orders were issued following an investigation that found Ms Weinstein and CDC Clinics, based at 1155 High Street, Armadale, had breached the code of conduct for general health service providers in Victoria.

Ms Cusack said the prohibition orders replaced interim prohibition orders made against Ms Weinstein and CDC Clinics in 2018 while the Health Complaints Commissioner (HCC) conducted two separate investigations.

She said one of these investigations remained ongoing.

“It’s important the public is aware that many cosmetic treatments, including injections, laser and ultrasound therapy, may carry some risks,” Ms Cusack said.

“All Victorians should expect, and deserve, safe and ethical care when receiving any of these treatments, regardless of whether it’s in a salon, spa, clinic, shop or centre.

“Providers of these services must adhere to the code of conduct, and we take any breaches of this code incredibly seriously.

“I urge anyone with a complaint or a concern about a cosmetic treatment provider, or any other health service, to contact the HCC on 1300 582 113 or via our online complaints form. All complaints are approached with sensitivity and confidentiality.”