Health Records

Who holds my health information?

Health service providers such as hospitals and dentists, and organisations such as schools, gyms, insurers, employers and government agencies, all collect and hold personal and health information as health records. Health service providers and organisations may hold your medical histories, test results, sick leave certificates, medication lists and more.

What can providers do with my health records?

Health information should be collected with your consent and used or disclosed for the primary purpose it was collected, or for a directly related and reasonable secondary purpose. Health information can only be used or disclosed for a non-related purpose in some circumstances, such as when there's a serious risk to someone or the information is needed to evaluate the service you received.

Any service provider collecting your information must ensure the information is up-to-date and relevant to their work. They must also store, transfer and dispose of health information securely to protect your privacy. If a health service provider moves premises or closes down, they must post a public notice about what will happen with their records and how you can access your health records.

Details of these obligations are listed under the Health Privacy Principles in Schedule 1 of the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic).

Accessing or correcting health records