On 22 November, in line with the Chief Health Officer’s directions, Victoria entered the Last Step in the coronavirus map to reopening.

While many of the restrictions have been lifted, some remain, and the public can obtain general information via the following:

In relation to health services (and ‘personal services ‘, as defined under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 1984) all businesses must have a COVIDSafe Plan and must observe restrictions on social distancing and density quotients.

Most services may now allow face masks to be removed, but only during certain treatments. However, all service providers must wear a face mask at all times.

If a health service provider fails or refuses to wear a mask during treatment, or does not observe safe social distancing, people are encouraged to contact coronavirus.vic.gov.au/fines-enforcement-and-reporting, or our office on hcc.vic.gov.au

Most providers continue to do the right thing during the COVID-19 restrictions and reopening. However, if a member of the public has any concerns about the provision of health services in Victoria, or where a health service provider is not operating safely or ethically, they can contact our office on 1300 582 133, or visit hcc.vic.gov.au/contact