Brian Hickman

Provider type: 
Prohibition type: 
Interim prohibition order
Effective from: 
27 Jun 2019 to 19 Sep 2019

Brian Hickman, of Wodonga, must not:

  1. Advertise, offer or provide any general health service (paid or otherwise, in a clinical or non-clinical capacity).
  2. Directly or indirectly, provide or cause to be provided, any professional supervision to other health service providers, in a formal or informal capacity, paid or otherwise.
  3. Operate any business that conducts any of the activities referred to above.

Mr Hickman must:

  1. Prominently display a copy of this Interim Prohibition Order at his business premises.
  2. Publish a copy of this Interim Prohibition Order on any website he uses to offer or promote any general health service he provides.

Interim Prohibition Order Brian Hickman 27 June 2019