CDC Clinics Pty Ltd

Provider type: 
Cosmetic Service
Prohibition type: 
Interim prohibition order
Effective from: 
12 Nov 2018 to 03 Feb 2019

This Interim Prohibition Order is made pursuant to section 90 of the Health Complaints Act 2016 (the Act).

The Health Complaints Commissioner (the Commissioner) has made this Interim Prohibition Order because the Commissioner reasonably believes that the general health service provider named below has contravened a code of conduct applying to the general health service provided and is satisfied that it is necessary to make this order to avoid a serious risk to the health, safety or welfare of the public.

This Interim Prohibition Order will remain in force for up to 12 weeks while an investigation is conducted. The latest date this Interim Prohibition Order will expire will be 3 February 2019 unless it is varied or revoked before that date.

CDC Clinics must not cause, direct or otherwise facilitate the following actions by any person unless that person is a person registered under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (Victoria) Act 2009 or otherwise authorised by law to perform that action:

  • any surgical or medical procedures, including any procedures that involve cutting or piercing the skin, cutting under the skin or cauterising.

This Interim Prohibition Order takes effect on the service of the Interim Prohibition Order on the general health service provider to whom it applies.

This Interim Prohibition Order will be published in the Victorian Government Gazette.

Interim Prohibition Order CDC Clinics