Mr Dennis Wayne Jensen

Provider type: 
Hypnotherapist / Healer
Prohibition type: 
Prohibition Order
Effective from: 
07 Aug 2018

The Health Complaints Commissioner has made this Prohibition Order against Mr Dennis Wayne Jensen, of North Warrandyte, pursuant to section 95 of the Health Complaints Act 2016.

Following an investigation, the Commissioner found Mr Jensen contravened the General Code, as set out in Schedule 2 of the Act, when he treated a person suffering from ovarian cancer with black salve and encouraged that person to stop evidence-based treatment.

The order prohibits Mr Jensen from:

1. Providing any general health services to any person in a clinical or non-clinical capacity whether or not those services are paid for or provided free of charge;

2. Claiming or representing that he is qualified, able or willing to cure cancer or any other serious disease or illness; or

3. Supplying, promoting or reccommending to any person any product, therapy or other treatment (including black salve) that he claims can cure or treat cancer or any other serious disease or illness.

This order will also be published in Victorian Government Gazette.