Part A: Submissions to inquiry - for consumers

Please answer some or all of the following questions if you have previously accessed or are currently accessing ART services in Victoria. If you have accessed ART outside of Victoria, we are unable to consider your experiences as part of this Inquiry.

If you are providing a submission on behalf of someone who has accessed ART services then we recommend that you ask their permission to tell their story.

Q1. Please provide your personal details including:

An adverse event is defined as -

A serious adverse event is any event associated with ART treatment which:

  • Causes harm, loss or damage to patients or their reproductive tissues.
  • Causes a significant medical or surgical condition to arise directly from ART treatment.
  • Results in hospitalisation following, and a result of, the ART treatment.

A notifiable adverse event is an abnormal unintended outcome associated with ART operations which:

  • Might result in the transmission of a communicable disease.
  • Might result in death or a life-threatening, disabling or incapacitating condition.
  • Might impact safety of people, gametes, embryos, equipment or facilities as a result of a disease.
  • Results in a potential or actual breach of legislation.

RTAC Code of Conduct for Assisted Productive Technology Units, Fertility Society of Australia, Oct 2017