17 Sep 2018

Massage therapist banned from providing general health services while under investigation

A Clyde North/Berwick massage therapist has been banned from providing any general health services for up to 12 weeks while an investigation is conducted.

Health Complaints Commissioner Karen Cusack said separate 12-week Interim Prohibition Orders were made against Michael Sergides, trading as ‘Mobile Just Massage’, and his company, Regtan Nominees Pty Ltd, in order to protect the public while a full investigation was carried out.

The investigation was launched following a complaint made to the Health Complaints Commissioner (HCC) earlier this month.

Mr Sergides received the ban under the general code of conduct that applies to all health service providers outside the national registration scheme, including massage therapists.

The general code of conduct contained in the Health Complaints Act 2016 closed the gap in regulation for healthcare where alternative practitioners could not be held accountable for failing to provide services in a safe and ethical manner.

Ms Cusack said that while she couldn’t release details of the complaint for confidentiality reasons, she felt it necessary to ban Mr Sergides from providing any general health services in order to protect the public.

“I don’t issue these orders lightly but I’m satisfied that this was necessary to avoid a serious risk to the health, safety or welfare of Victorians,” Ms Cusack said.

“The interim prohibition orders prohibit Mr Sergides and Regtan Nominees Pty Ltd from advertising, offering or providing any general health service, paid or otherwise, in a clinical or non-clinical capacity while we conduct a full investigation into the complaint we’ve received.”

If you have quality or safety concerns about a massage therapist, or any other health service in Victoria, contact the HCC on 1300 582 113.

“Along with complaints resolution, one of the ways the HCC supports safe and ethical healthcare in Victoria is by investigating providers who pose a serious risk to the public.

“We rely on Victorians to come forward with their concerns so that we’re aware of possible breaches of the general code of conduct. We can then work independently and impartially to establish the facts and understand what measures, if any, should be taken to protect the public.”