17 Aug 2018

Cynthia Weinstein and CDC Clinics Under Investigation

Ms Cynthia Weinstein and CDC Clinics Pty Ltd (CDC), of which Ms Weinstein is a Director, have been issued with interim prohibition orders while an investigation is conducted into allegations of breaches of the code of conduct for general health service providers in Victoria.

Health Complaints Commissioner Karen Cusack made the interim prohibition orders which will remain in force while investigators conduct an investigation into the provision of cosmetic treatments by Ms Weinstein and CDC.

Ms Cusack said her office had received a complaint alleging that Ms Weinstein and CDC breached the general code of conduct that applies to all general health service providers, such as cosmetic service providers, counsellors and alternative therapists, by failing to provide health services in a safe and ethical way.

She said the Health Complaints Act 2016 allows the making of interim prohibition orders to protect Victorians from serious risk while her office conducts an investigation.

“These are important protections for the Victorian public. I don’t make these interim prohibition orders lightly and will only use them in cases, such as this one, where I’m satisfied that it’s necessary to avoid a serious risk to the health, safety or welfare of the public while we conduct our investigation,” Ms Cusack said.

“The general code of conduct brings consistent expectations of standards for both providers and consumers across all healthcare professions, including cosmetic services. When these standards aren’t met we have the power to take action.

“Unsafe and unethical practices by anyone will not be tolerated. It’s therefore incredibly important that members of the public bring their concerns to us so that we’re aware of issues and can take appropriate action.

“Certain types of cosmetic procedures should only be done under strict conditions.”

If anyone has a complaint about a cosmetic procedure or other health service received in Victoria, please contact the Health Complaints Commissioner on 1300 582 113 or via the online complaint form.